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Meet Stewart and his wife, Kaitlyn Callaluca Skloss, the founders and owners of Luckenbach Road Whiskey Distillery.

While the distillery itself is news, the Skloss’s family roots date all the way back here to 1851, when his third great-grandfather, Heinrich “Henry” Ochs, immigrated to Fredericksburg from Germany. Ochs quickly became one of the town’s first teachers, and later a County Clerk and founder of the Buckhorn Saloon in Fredericksburg. The saloon, which served the family’s beer and whiskey recipes, was one of the first in the area - and became a popular watering hole that can be read about in history books today.

The Skloss's have been working for the past five years to deliver a true farm-to-bottle experience at Luckenbach Road Whiskey Distillery. They first began acquiring the land, known locally as the Frantzen and Bill Hamm tracts, in 2017. They established Frontier Spirits LLC that same year.

Read more about the Skloss family history and view historic photos by clicking here
Our Team
Managing Director & Head Distiller

You can trust this guy on the battlefield - and to create truly authentic craft whiskey.

Meet Jason “Rev” Brand, a native Texan, U.S. Army Veteran, husband, father, sanctioned reverend, a descendant of bootleggers on both sides of his family, expert with 10 years of official industry experience – and now Luckenbach Road Whiskey’s Managing Director and Head Distiller. You can trust this guy on the battlefield - and to create truly authentic craft whiskey.

Born and raised all over the great Lone Star State with the bulk of his years spent in Odessa, bootleggers were on both sides of his family, with his father learning the ways of East Texas traditions while his mother’s side brought Pennsylvanian influences. Making beer, wine and spirits were all a part of his ancestors’ daily lives.
Going with the Grain
When asked why he likes his current role, Rev quickly says: “I get to make whiskey for a living…what better job could you have other than working for Blue Bell?

Coming to work, smelling fresh grain cooking, waiting for the first drop of white dog,” he continues. And, as unafraid as Jason is in real life to go against the grain, when it comes to whiskey, he believes: “It’s not a rice cooker. You’ve got to dance with it, you’ve got to move with it.

At the end of the day, he says making whiskey is all about the people making the whiskey - and their dedication to the “art form.” He aims to build out a great team of folks to put their own “brush strokes” on each batch of this craft whiskey and live out his dream job. Please, folks, no one to tell the ice cream maker we’re his second choice.
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